Fuzz Pedal – Red 70’s Fuzz Pedal

fuzz pedal


  • Here is a Trachouse simply the best  fuzz pedal for the money. Trachouse has taken great care in duplicating the 70’s sound by using the 2n3904 silicon transistors vs. the germanium transistors. The fuzz layout went to transistors because of the scarcity of germanium transistors during the 70’s period.
  • The Red 70’s Fuzz responds real well with the guitar volume pot. You can clean up the signal by turning down the volume on the guitar. Watch this video of Willie Vega demonstrating the pedal.
  • The old name for this pedals was simply Fuzz in a plain enclosure. fuzz pedal
  • The new name is the Red 70’s Fuzz and comes in a Cherry Red powder coated enclosure
  • fuzz pedal

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Red 70’s Fuzz  (Free Shipping)      $89.00    


Videos of the Red 70’s Fuzz pedal by the late Willie Vega with my original enclosures before painted. Same circuit.

Demo 1 (Red 70's Fuzz) Willie Vega demonstrating the Red 70’s Fuzz (Instrumental)

Demo 2 (Red 70's Fuzz) Willie Vega demonstrating the (Fuzz Air)

Demo 3 (Red 70's Fuzz) Willie Vega demonstrating the (Instrumental) 

Demo 4 (Red 70's Fuzz) Willie Vega demonstrating the (Instrumental)

Demo 5 (Red 70's Fuzz) Willie Vega demonstrating the (Instrumental)

Demos done by Willie Vega with first generation Red 70’s Fuzz Pedal fuzz pedal

Unlike the fuzz face pedal I have a trimpot inline that allows more adjustment.

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