Red 70’s Fuzz Instructions




The Trachouse Red 70’s Fuzz pedal is similar to the silicon version of the 70’s original. This pedal is a very old circuit design that you may or may not like. It takes a lot of time to learn how to use the pedal and if you don’t have the Red 70’s in the correct signal path it can sound really bad but in the right spot it will sound awesome. I can help you if that should happen to you.

If you are familiar with the original silicon sound then you should like this pedal.

One difference is, it has a trimpot 10k which is adjustable. I adjusted it but you can use a small screwdriver if you feel a need to tweak it again, but the pedal should be ready to go.

Don’t forget to use your guitar volume pot to dial in different tones. Backing off of the guitar volume will clean up the sound. If you have never used your vol. pot on your guitar then you may want to start checking out how to use it. This pedal is responsive to the guitar volume pot. Backing off the volume cleans up the signal. You may have to back off of guitar volume a good bit for Humbuckers (Double coil pickups) You can dial in lots of tones with the pedal that way.

Please if you have any problems or the pedal is not what you wanted or expected please contact me. And if you like the pedal and don’t mind stopping by my comments page and leaving a post at I have a new website because I had stopped making pedals 3 years ago. I have a new comment page to leave some new comments but you can see the comments from my older site.

I stand behind my products and I feel this pedal is close to the 70’s Fuzz Face silicon pedal years.


Again this is not a plug in and play pedal like the circuits of today. Today the pedals are much smoother but the crudeness is what I was looking for when I laid out the design. Years ago guitar players used very few pedals. The fuzz circuit of the 70’s had a unique and crude sound to it and many players want to duplicate that sound and the Red 70’s Fuzz will do that for sure when placed in the correct signal path and used correctly. If you are using just the Red 70’s Fuzz pedal then the only thing you would need to is concentrate on is amp volume and guitar volume to learn how to use the pedal.

Willie Vega does a great video. He has set the fuzz wide open and yet you can get a mild fuzz tone by using the volume control on your guitar.

Search Trachouse on Youtube and look for the video (Trachouse Fuzz Inst) by Willie Vega. He makes notes on the video as he uses his volume pedal.

If you are planing on using the 9 volt battery snap in side the pedal. It will be a tight fit but it will fit.

And please remember to check the battery often. The pedal starts to break up a little bit with a low battery. It is better for sure to use the AC/DC adapter. The battery snap was installed as an added convenience for quick jobs to save on pedal board adapter space. The battery should last about 3 or 4 jobs but never leave a 1/4” jack plugged in all of the time. The battery is on when 1/4” jack is pluggin in.

Having said that some guitarist like the sound of a low battery. If that is the case the Voodoo Lab Brick has an adapter space with a sag output to simulate a low battery. I hope you like the pedal.


Dave (Trachouse Pedals)

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