How to set up a guitar pedal board. Series (Part 2)

guitar pedal board set up,effects pedals

GUITAR PEDAL BOARD SET UP (setting up / Part 2)

In Part 1 of (How to set up a guitar pedal board) we talked a little bit about the types of boards and I posted some links to the different manufactures of pedal boards. I hope you were able to get some idea of what type of board will work for you.

Once you have decided what pedals you want you need to make sure of the voltages and ratings on the devices you have chosen. Most pedals are 9volt ac adapters and I would suggest getting a board that has ac circuit wired in the pedal board. In the Part 1 post I mentioned I had the SKB 1SKB-PS-45 pedal board. That board has proven to be a very durable board.


You can purchase a flat board and use a power supply in conjunction with the board.



Photo of board with separate power supply. guitar pedal board

If you go this route I suggest this power supply by voodoo labguitar pedal board

Taking the battery road can be very expensive not to mention that some pedals don’t sound good as the battery gets older and drained down. I do know some guitar players that use this type of board set up and I assume they just  fight the battery battle but it’s just not for me.


Here is a photo if his guitar pedal board set up.

guitar pedal board set up

Actually he has cleaned it up quite a bit. The above photo was taken in 2016.

Here is his basic signal path. Click here to view

I always like to mention my guitar pedal line in my post about guitar pedal board set ups. My Red 70’s Fuzz is very similar sounding to the old Fuzz Face pedal of the 70’s.  In my Red 70’s Fuzzguitar pedal board set up

I have a trim pot which I set when I make the pedal. If you decide to try my pedal you can set the trim pot inside the unit but I have gotten the best sound adjustment and every pedal I make is personally tested and adjusted for max sound.


My advise is to use a pedal board that has a pre-wired electrical and electronic circuitry wired from the factory. Again I have use the SKB product for many years without any problems.

You can always ask me questions if I don’t cover it in these series blogs about guitar pedal board set up.  I will be more that happy to help you out.

David W. Aucoin


guitar pedal board set up






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