How to set up a guitar pedal board. Series (Part 3) patch cords

Which patch cords to use?

This area is a difficult one to answer. I will say that the standard patch cords like Fender work really well for me. I am not sold on the gold 1/4″ patch cords. Like I said the standard patch chords you pick up at your local music store is all I use.

patch cords

I used to make my own but I found out that the Fender patch cords are just fine.

I have seen Eric Johnson’s board a lot of those brass connections but I am not sold on them having a ton of difference in tone. This is just an area to experiment with. Test different patch cords and settle in on one you like.

patch cords

Once you have the patch cord you like then the fun comes in. Always remember you simply go into one pedal and out to another but the order is another preference thing.  There is a standard line up though. You may start off here and then switch some pedals around until you find the tone you are looking for.

Example: You may prefer a boost in the middle of the chain right before a distortion. It’s really all up to your ear.


There are no hard fast rules. It’s kind of your choice.

Below is a standard order for the signal flow. This is just a starting point.








Boost pedals

This is a very basic start. Later on in my blogs I will get into depth about pedal order but this is a great start.

Once you have an idea of the sound you are after and have settled in on the pedals you like then you need start arranging them on the board. I like boards like the one above that Eric Johnson uses. Plenty of room to arrange and switch around as you work on your sound.

I like to use velcro on the bottom of my pedals. Velcro does the job for sure.

Great Pedal Board

I have used the SKB PS-45 pedal board for over 10 years with no problems at all. As mentioned in a previous blog I like to have the power source on the poard. Just makes it really easy to set things up.

patch cords

It’s good idea to every now and again check the patch cords and unplug and re-plug them. It will keep connections from oxidizing.

My next post will be about using a looper. This is my specialty. I make loopers on request just contact me and I will make what ever you need.

See ya in the next part of ‘How to set up a pedal board’.

patch cortds


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